Jewelry Boxes for Women

About the designer
Maygen Hetherington, Designer/Owner of Jewelkeepers LLC. as the daughter of William Thompson, Silversmith and President of Zapffe Silversmiths I developed an appreciation for exquisite craftsmanship at an early age. I have a love for heirlooms and believe special pieces should be handed down through the generations to create family memories. I love it when an item in my home has a history and a good story behind it. Spending the last 10 years on the retail side of jewelry boxes gave me the opportunity to observe hundreds of box designs and to learn what makes a good product and what doesn’t. Even more importantly, I’ve had an opportunity to chat with countless customers and get feedback on what they really needed in a jewelry box. What this experience taught me was that there is a lack of good design in the current jewelry box market. A box may be small, but also offers very minimal storage. Larger boxes are also available, but their dimensions are unnecessarily big and the inside space is not utilized as well as it could be. I’ve also learned that oftentimes customers felt security was an issue. They really wanted a piece where the whole box could be secured with one key. To address these points I created the Jewelkeepers line of jewelry boxes and silverware chests that offer more storage on the inside, while also creating stylish exteriors that my customers will be proud to display on their bureau or sideboard. It was also very important to me to create heirloom quality pieces that my customers could use every day, but be proud to pass on to their children one day.